Privacy Policy

The Mostbet Company respects the anonymity of its customers and guarantees the highest degree of protection of personal information of players while being on the Website and using the services provided. This Anonymity Policy contains information on how players’ personal information is collected, processed and secured.

What types of data are collected?

We collect various types of information when you interact with our Website and use the services provided. In the vast majority of cases, we receive information directly from you – for example, when you create an account. Other sources of data may include third parties or information taken from publicly available sites that have permission to share data about you.

The information that we receive from you:

  1. name, e-mail, landline and mobile phone number, gender, date of birth;
  2. a package of documents – photographs, a certificate of residence confirming the fact of residence at the specified address, other documents confirming your identity;
  3. financial information (credit card numbers, bank account information, other payment information);
  4. information for entering the Website (in particular, login and password);
  5. information that is collected during your use of our services;
  6. information about how you use the products presented on our Website;
  7. information about sessions of interaction with our technical support operators (phone calls, letters received by e-mail, text messages sent via online chat);
  8. information about your geolocation, IP address used to access the Website, Internet traffic;
  9. data about the OS, platforms of mobile devices used to access the Website, time zone settings, browser type, version and language;
  10. marketing data confirming your desire to receive media advertising directly from our company or our partners.

We also reserve the right to access your records that you have posted on social media pages.

We reserve the right to use aggregated information – statistical or demographic information for any purpose. Such information is usually provided by you, and the form of its storage is exclusively anonymous. In this regard, it is not possible to identify your identity, which means that such information is not personal. Such information can be used to analyze the number of users of a certain age group who choose a certain function to use on the Website.

In the event that you personally decide to restrict your access to the use of our company’s services, we, for our part, guarantee you the provision of such a right with the subsequent storage of the request. Such information is not information that could be attributed to health care.

How is the collected information used?

We collect the above information in order to provide quality services to our users. Such information allows us to personify you and improve the use of our services, and in some cases – to provide you with important and useful data.

We are required by law to strictly identify the lawful basis on which we can process the information provided by you. There are no methods to describe such a legal basis in relation to the processing of data by our company, so the sequence of actions is described in the following subsections.

  • The primary objective is to enter into a contract with you. By using our Website, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions and other policies (collectively, the “Terms”), which are presented in the form of a contract. It governs the rights and obligations of both parties in relation to the use of the Website.
  • Secondly, we are guided by the agreement to perform registration of your profile in order to provide you with services and access to gambling or other gambling activities.
  • Thirdly, there may be situations when it becomes necessary to reset your password, receive a service message or information regarding the update of the Terms. The reason may be other situations that fall into the category of “Website Administration Purposes”.

The information we collect may also be used for the purpose of processing money transactions.

Betting and gambling is a highly regulated activity and we must comply with legal obligations imposed on service providers by regulatory and other authorities. In fulfilling these obligations, we rely on the information provided by you.

The use of your information by our Company is carried out in order to:

  • make sure that we provide our services to persons who are eligible to receive them (e.g. persons who are of legal age and have voluntarily provided a waiver to not participate in gambling and betting);
  • detect, prevent and prosecute dangerous activities (there are special verification procedures for this purpose and you must follow them);
  • verify your identity and establish the source of funds during any monetary transactions (this is done in order to prevent money laundering and other criminal activities as a result of using our services);
  • perform necessary checks to detect fraudulent and criminal activities;
  • analyze possible risks to prevent gambling addiction.

Our company has legitimate interests in relation to the processing of data (as set out below). We do not undertake any obligation to process information if our interests do not coincide with your interests, rights or freedoms. This includes improving our services and products in order to:

  • ensuring convenient use of the Website for customers;
  • testing new products and updating existing ones;
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing techniques used by our Company.

The processing of information by our Company will allow us to personalize your experience regarding the use of the services. In particular, we are talking about using the history of games you have played to provide you with a personalized assessment of games that may be of interest to you. We are also able to obtain information about your location in order to provide you with services in your native language, if it is in our audience.

Data processing is carried out to provide feedback to you. This may include sending answers to your questions by e-mail, phone or online chat, which may appear in the process of using the services of the Website.

At certain time intervals, it may be necessary to fill out a questionnaire about your personal experience of using the Website of our Company. This is not a mandatory condition for performance, so you are able to reject the request if you wish. Your refusal will in no way affect your full ability to use the services of the Website.

After providing consent to receive relevant offers and news about services and products, we will ensure that such information is sent in one of the ways – by E-mail, SMS, by phone.

The consent is given at the time of account creation and can be revoked at any time – it is enough to inform by phone or in writing. After that, the sending of marketing materials is stopped.

Policy on the use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that present information and then download and store it on your device when you visit the Website. They are used by many websites and help to improve your experience by enabling you to use the website options more efficiently.

Cookies have a variety of functions. Some of them contribute to a more efficient transition between the pages of the website and help in remembering the choices you have made. Other cookies include persistent cookies. They are stored on your device and help to remember you as a visitor who has returned to the website.

Cookies are used by our Website to identify your movements and improve your user experience, collecting and transmitting information in order to detect criminal or fraudulent activities in relation to money laundering. Cookies help to detect irregularities in the connection of the device and terminate access to the profile if you use another device.

You agree that we have the right to periodically place cookies on your device in order to save certain data – name, password, IP address, technical information for further identification of you as a user.

You can make changes to your browser settings to block all or some of the cookies. To do this, go to the section with the settings of your browser and follow the instructions. Once certain cookies are blocked, you may experience limited access to some features of the Website, but these blocks may be removed over time.

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